At MadTools, we provide each individual client with a complete service for the design and the construction of metal cutting tools: sharpening and reconditioning, cycle studies, storing and urgent delivery.

These are all the services that we offer.

With the use of modern CNC tool grinding machines, we are able to sharpen every kind of indexable drill heads (for example ISCAR MULTIMASTER&SUMOCHAM and KENNAMETAL model). Our sharpen process guarantee a new tool life equal to almost 95% compared to the new one.

We check tools sharpen feasibility before carrying out the work. Any tools that are too worn to be sharpened are returned to the client at no charge. Our sharpening service allows you to save more than 40%.

We guarantee a full, reliable and rapid sharpening and reconditioning service. We are able to sharpen every kind of mills, drills, taps, reamers and a range of other tools. As with indexable drill heads, before starting to sharpen or to recondition the tools, we assess its feasibility. Any tools that are too worn to be processed are returned to the client at no charge. Your tool will be returned to you with the original sharpness, coating and geometry.

We offer a wide and complete range of warehouse services. In addition to an extensive catalogue of standard tools and equipment, we offer a warehouse service for all types of special cutting tools. No more waiting: you will receive your special tools one working day after placing the order. When ordering, include one or two extra pieces. We will store them in our warehouse for you at no added cost and will send them to you only when needed.

With the experience we have gained over decades of activity, we are able to calculate and optimise work-cycle times on multi-spindle and transfer machines: Gildemeister, Shütte, Mori Say, Wickmann, Index, Tornos, Acme Gridley, Utimac.

On request, we are able to provide quotations in less than 24 hours and to start production in record time, even delivering in less than two days from the date of order.

At every stage of the project, even during prototyping, we can assist clients, accompanying them to achieve the best possible result. If any problems arise post-sales with the use of our tools, we will manage and solve them as quickly as possible.

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