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We specialise in the design and manufacture of special tools. Thanks to our extensive experience and know-how in a range of sectors, we are able to respond to all the manufacturing demands of our clients.

Explore the categories of special MadTools cutting tools

We design and manufacture HM, HSS, HSS-E, ASP (sintered powdered steel) or PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutting tools. We are also equipped to construct larger brazed carbide tools, as well as mechanical fixing tools indexable tools. The range of tools that we manufacture include drills, reamers, milling cutters, circular saws, micro-drills and micro-mills, shaving tools, prismatic, broaches, marking wheels, taps and dies.

Where required, we can design and manufacture constant profile cutters with logarithmic relief grinding for straight or spiral toothing even for extremely small profiles or very narrow tolerances.

Before being shipped, every single tool undergoes strict controls, and – if required – is accompanied by an individual testing certificate

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