Our mission and
our values

Just like each and every well-made machine, we are convinced that the company should also be founded on a project that has been studied down to the tiniest detail, and a solid and shared structure. 
This is why we have created our own “manifesto”, to express what MadTools is and what it aims to be in the future.

MAD – The Manifesto

The principles that inspire the company mission.

Who dares innovates

We infuse every project with creativity and forward thinking, because we know that every client has its own needs, needs that we embrace with full responsibility.
Ours is a courageous business approach. We are not afraid to take on projects that are beyond our comfort zone, because we know that this is where the greatest opportunities can be found.

Every item counts

From the smallest to the largest tool, from the smallest to the biggest client, from apprentices to the highest-level management. Every aspect forms part of a system that, in order to function, needs to be perfect down to the tiniest detail. Attention and responsibility are always the most important aspects.

Excellence in design and product

Projects need to always be founded within a highly trained and competent environment; our extreme passion for our field and the experience of our team allow us to satisfy even the most complex of our clients’ demands.

Never set limits

We are an intergenerational team in which experience and dynamism allow us to look to the future with faith and an innovative spirit.

Our Values

A company is based, first and foremost, on relationships.
Thought and action characterise the way we work and the excellence of our products and services.
These are the values that represent us.


We believe in the value of inclusivity, allowing every individual to feel welcome thanks to their own uniqueness. Our diversity unites us all.


Our aim is to create relationships with our stakeholders that are based on reciprocal respect and the utmost professional reliability. And while, at times, differing visions can arise, we are convinced that these can be overcome through common sense and dialogue.


Working for a diverse portfolio of clients enhances our knowledge and our experience.
Furthermore, our team includes professionals from six different countries. Cultural diversity is a true strength; it provides the best possible foundation for the creation of innovative solutions.


Even the smallest everyday actions can make a difference; LED lighting, capsule-free coffee machines, the use of recycled paper, filtering water carafes.

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