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Passion inspires and motivates. Passion allows us to see a whole new range of possibilities. An inventive design of a milling cutter, a lightweight tool that consumes less energy.

Our founder often says that if we were producing pots, the pot would be our product, but what we would really offer you is the art of cooking. That is what we believe and how we do our work.

After many years working in the metal cutting industry we wanted a company driven by passion, where people are madly in love with designing and building cutting tools and where people are driven by customer’s needs.

Between Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, right in the middle of one of the greatest mechanical district, we decided to start MadTools: the future of metal cutting.

MadTools s.r.l.
Via Cesare Battisti, 1
24036, Ponte San Pietro (BG)

Production site
Via Martiri della libertà, 8
24040, Bonate Sotto (BG)

P.IVA: 04355620164


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+39 0354507025


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